Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Get a jump on next year's Christmas presents

Kids toys have gotten cool beyond belief
. Why couldn't I have run across this AWESOME toy a few weeks ago. I guess I'll have to suck it up and get it for next year...I just don't know if I can wait that long to give it to him.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Original Wizards In Winter Christmas Display

Some of you may have seen Carson Williams' Christmas Light Display before. If not, the video is certainly worth watching! The coolest thing about this, though, is that Carson managed to turn his cool but rather modest Christmas light display into a career.

Now, THAT'S cool!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice

So, tomorrow is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. Some ancient religions marked the winter solstice as the beginning of the new year, as the sun begins its journey back towards the north along our eastern horizons. Many of those ancients constructed primitive calendars that enabled them to mark the solstices and equinoxes as they happened.

The Tomb at Newgrange is one of the oldest of these. The link is a webcam to watch sunrise at Newgrange live, as it happens.

Oh...and happy New Year!

Wash me

Most people wash their cars when they get dirty. Scott Wade turns his dirty car into amazing works of art.

Does it have a funny bone too?

A mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) underwater, a remote control submersible's camera has captured an eerie surprise: an alien-like, long-armed, and—strangest of all—"elbowed" Magnapinna squid.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Northern Lights from the Other Side

This is only my third post, and you're likely already noticing a pattern here. That's because I flat out think space is cool. Period. I doubt anything that anyone could tell me would change my mind. But that's not the only thing I think is cool, promise. Something different tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not Pigs In Space

This beats the Mentos in soda hands down.

The Elephant's Child

But there was one elephant, a new elephant--an elephant child--who was full of
'satiable curiosity, and that means he asked ever so many questions! He lived in Africa, and he filled all Africa with his 'satiable curiosities.

-Rudyard Kipling

Much like the Elephant's Child I have been blessed, or cursed, with a 'satiable curiosity. I also have the good fortune to be able to spend a reasonable portion of my day looking around the internet at most anything that catches my attention. From time to time, I stumble across things that strike me as pretty cool. So, I thought I'd start a catalog.
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